As many of you know, on Election Night, while all of America was watching their TVs we were at NYU receiving some very unexpected news---Amanda was 17 weeks pregnant...with Twins!  This was a a surprise, a happy surprise, but a surprise nonetheless.  Amanda was nearly one year post treatment in her battle against Stage 4 Cancer and had been told in June 2015 treatment would bring to an end any hopes of expanding our family.  Although difficult news to hear and process, we were already the parents of amazing twin boys so on we moved and never looked back.  So, imagine our surprise when we found out on Election Night we were going home to tell our 16 year old twin boys we would soon be welcoming two more bundles of joy.  One week later, the surprises continued to roll in as we found out this time around we would welcome TWIN GIRLS (and our doctor is almost certain they are IDENTICAL to boot)!  Phew! Welcome to our roller coaster...put your hands up and scream for joy as we begin this amazing new chapter in our lives! Love, Amanda and Peter

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